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Author: Hannah Miles

Category: Special Diet Cookbook


% Gluten free recipes: 100%

Adaptability: Already gf, but can be made egg and / or dairy free

Worth buying: Definitely! Make room for this one.

Cakes and baked goods are what we Coeliacs miss most and even home baking can seem complicated and too much effort when trying to get to grips safe food every day. Luckily there are plenty of books around for inspiration and guidfance, but this one in my view really is worth buying. Hanna, a Masterchef finalist in 2007 and now established cookbook author has turned her passion for cakes and treats to gluten free alternatives. She has created a collection of stunning, eclectic recipes that are straightforward to make with short recipes, using a limited number of easy to find ingredients.  Unusual sometimes in gluten free baking. The beautiful pictures inspire you to try everything. Doughnuts, potato rolls, macaroons, puff pastry and focaccia complement the usual brownies, loafs, cookies and gf desserts.

Using seasonal ingredients where possible this book has something to make whatever the season. I loved the festive almond star biscuits (which get better the longer you leave them!) and I can’t wait to make my first Stollen next Christmas. Choux pastry, something I often made before my Coeliac disease diagnosis, created to die for profiteroles –  a very different dessert in our house.

I found the storage times for each product and descriptions of ingredients useful whilst the lack of obviously gluten free recipes  -such as meringue or panna cotta (a pet hate of mine) – refreshing. This book brings the joy back to whipping up a cake – albeit gluten free – for guests and I genuinely can’t wait to try each of the recipes.