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Location: Unit 12, Brixton Market, London SW9 8PR


(5 stars if they get a GF beer on the menu!)

Cuisine: Burgers

Number of GF options: All but one. Everything, even the fritter!

Cost: £6.50-8 including chips

Contact: www.honestburgers.co.uk

The first thing I have to admit is this: I used to work as a Product Developer for Burger King. Honest. So I suppose you could call me an expert burger eater (…and creator). But burgers aren’t really gluten free friendly. Yes you can have them without the bun. But isn’t that steak hache? You don’t eat a burger with a knife and fork. Where’s the fun in that?

But now there is Honest Burgers for the full on eating-my-burger-with-my-hands-experience.

A tiny unit in Brixton Market, with just enough room for the small open kitchen and a handful of customers is where Honest Burgers cook off well sourced fast-ish food. A choice of just three burgers; 35day aged beef from my favourite butcher The Ginger Pig; free range grilled chicken; even a gf veggie fritter option (not gluten free) keeps the decision simple. You can have cheese and / or bacon options or even a special of the day, but thats it. Simple.

Do you serve gluten free buns?

Ask for a gluten free bun and the knowledgable staff will ask if you are Coeliac, explaining how buns are toasted on the same machine as their sourdough buns. Coming from across the market at WAG Free Bakery the millet and sorghum flours make the lightly sesame seeded bun soft as it should be, giving the perfect platform for the thick, juicy burger of choice. More importantly, it means you can eat the thick handmade pattie with your hands. Complete with meaty juice running down your arm. The fries doused with salt and rosemary are a welcome addition to the main event.

And that’s the beauty of Honest Burgers. No fuss, no “have it your way” messing about.  They have just acquired an alcohol license usually feature a special burger, but that’s it. Just choose your pattie, eat your burger, wipe your face and leave. I hope they continue to keep it simple. Be warned…at peak times you will have to wait. But it’s worth it for a a true gluten free burger eating experience. And thats coming from a burger professional.