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Do they look gluten free to you?

Name: WAG Free Bakery

Location: 26 Brixton Village, Brixton, London


Type: Gluten free bakery and cafe

Number of GF options: All of them!

WAG (Wheat and Gluten) Free Bakery is exactly what it says it is. A dedicated, contamination free coeliac friendly bakers, cafe and shop in the heart of Brixton’s recently renovated 1930’s undercover market. Supplier to (NGF favourite) neighbouring Honest Burgers and nestled amongst vintage shops, cafes, and tiny independent restaurants, this bakery is fast becoming a mecca for the nations coeliacs and wheat avoiders, including me.

Owned by coeliac David and wheat eating Ed, the bakery sells a growing range of pies, tarts, breads and cakes, of what I believe to be exceptional quality. Having a gluten consuming baker making free from products is what I think sets these guys apart from the competition. Plus they refuse to rely on the usual gluten free offerings (they were recently experimenting with croissants!).

David’s longing for pies over cakes compelled him to perfect his gluten free pastry base making it in my view, their speciality.  A not too sweet Bakewell or Treacle Tart, Steak and Onion Pie, plus the name sake and cult product WAGon Wheel are just a few of my favourites.  Although, to be honest, I haven’t tasted a bad product yet.  Everything is made from scratch on site including a range of gluten free breads which are the only freshly baked loaves I have ever found. The Golden Bloomer has a lovely nutty flavour owing to almond meal, and makes great toast for a few days after.  As stated on the labels – “made by a baker not a chemist” – all ingredients are natural. Unusual in so many free from products. I think you can taste the difference.  Pies are packed with choice cuts of British beef from local Herne Hill Butcher, eggs used are free range and seasonal fruits are celebrated on tarts. All in line with the Naturally Gluten Free way.

Can you eat the complimentary biscuit?

In addition to the own made products, WAG also stocks a growing range of gluten free ingredients including the excellent Dialsi pasta, own grown Glebe Farm oats and difficult to source teff flour – brilliant for making breads.  And if you’re hungry when you arrive, there are toasted sandwiches and hot pies to eat at the counter whilst soaking up the Brixton atmosphere.

With plans to relocate production to free up space for a bigger cafe and as they broaden their distribution, it means more Londoners can get a taste of some leading gluten free baking. A selection of breads, cakes, pies and tarts can currently be found at Franklins Farm shop in East Dulwich as well as The Pie Man over in Chelsea, Beamish and McGlue in West Norwood, and Brackenbury’s in Hammersmith. Plus they supply buns to Honest Burgers too for a true hand holding gluten free burger eating experience.