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Author: Pippa Kendrick

Category: Special Diet Cookbook

Rating: 5 STARS

% Gluten free recipes: 98.9% (one rye recipe)

Adaptability: Not much need to adapt since its gluten, egg, dairy, soy wheat free.

Worth buying: Perfect for anyone with almost any dietary restriction

Even though I am an avid cookbook collector, I don’t actually own many allergy friendly or specifically gluten free cook books. In the past, they have included too many obvious gluten free recipes. Yes, meringues, curry, panna cotta and roast chicken are all gluten free, but I want to cook the things I miss. Give me cakes, profiteroles, bread, puddings, pasta please. Anyway, it looks like things are on the up in free from publishing. The Intolerant Gourmet, along with the likes of Hannah Miles’ Gluten Free Baker, for me represent a different kind of gluten free cookbook. One that that has caused me to stop bookmarking the pages.

This book is simply brilliant. Not only does it inspire with recipes that both my son and I can eat (gluten, egg and dairy free), but they come across as normal recipes that I truly can’t wait to cook and eat. Plus it is in line with the Naturally Gluten Free ethos – food that is seasonal, simple to cook and doesn’t shout “i’m allergy food!” when someone tastes it.

Gluten Free Soda Bread

I should know… I have cooked A LOT from this book. The Drop Pancakes are a quick to cook weekend breakfast, the White Crusty Bread looks like real bread and freezes and toasts brilliantly. The quinoa recipes really help to pep up this flavour thirsty seed. The Lemon Drizzle Cake is a doddle to whip up for allergic visiting family and the pastry is the best I have ever attempted (and I have tried loads). The Quinoa Bread is a great breakfast brioche replacement, and my 18month son devours the Banana Bread like he has never had cake before (actually only once on his first birthday!). Just the number of recipes I have cooked, given it was only published at the beginning of this year, is a testament to how good they are. Each recipe is straightforward and speedy to make – I made the crusty loaf one morning for breakfast – and thankfully rely on Doves Farm flours to shorten ingredient lists.

Gluten Free Banana Bread

Add to these simple, beautiful recipes packed full of flavour, the stunning seasonal illustrations and photography, you wouldn’t know it was a special diet cookbook.

There are however a number of obviously gluten free dishes. But, I begrudgingly admit that these recipes – such as the Sweet Potato and Spinach Curry – really do stand up in their own right. Allergies aside. You can taste the time and effort taken in the development of each recipe – the dairy and egg free carbonara is a testament to that!

Really, I cannot recomment this book enough (well, as much as any on this site!). This is THE recipe book for any family with a collection of food sensitivities. Enticing recipes, that are easy to cook and produce food you would never know is so allergen free. I have already bought it for my super allergic sister inlaw and her wheat intolerant husband.

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