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Before my diagnosis with Coeliac Disease, I worked across the food industry as a Product Developer. However I have always avoided product reviews for this and my previous site as, to be honest, I used to find the quality of product and ingredients rather depressing. However, in the last few years I have noticed a massive improvement in not only availability of gluten free products, and the variety on offer but they also contain fewer nasty additives and are more naturally gluten free.

So to kick off this series of select Product Reviews I am pleased to share with you Amy Ruth’s Gluten Free Baking Mix:

Amy has created this gluten, dairy, nut and sugar free blend of grain and seed flours to create a nutritional flour replacement. Most gluten free flours are high in starches and carbohydrate, but this one differs by its high protein and essential fatty acids (also known as omega 3 and 6), something not normally associated with flour. This healthy flour, made with a mix of nutrient rich quinoa, teff, brown rice, flax and chia seeds – the rather fashionable new superfood – focuses on packing nutrients into baked goods.

But, I was most interested in how this product performed. For while I do consider the health of my family when I cook, when it comes to gluten free baking taste and texture take precedence.

Using the back of pack muffins recipe in a throw it all together and bake it stylee, I had to add just bananas, eggs, oil and sweetener to the mix. As gluten free baking goes, this was very simple and refreshing not to need numerous flours. And to be honest,  I have to say I really was very surprised with the result. Fifteen years of development by Amy has resulted in a healthy yet very tasty product. My guinea pigs didn’t even realise it was gluten free, let alone so rich in protein, fibre and other micro-nutrients.

But, my only complaint would be the price. At more than three times the price of normal gluten free flour, I personally would think twice before whisking up a batch of muffins. Saying that I totally understand exactly why it costs so much more – they are expensive if not powerful little ingredients. Luckily, the added nutrition and overall taste and texture makes them a bit of a special sweet treat.

Add to this the versatility of the blend, demonstrated by the bread, cake and pancake recipes online, Amy Ruth’s GF Baking Mix is no ordinary flour and I would actually buy it again.

To get your hands on this unique GF ingredient check out the website or contact @AmyRuthBaking. It launches in Wholefoods next week.