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Location: 47-48 St John’s Sq, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 4JJ 


Cuisine: Modern restaurant / cafe

Cost: £20/head for breakfast

Contact details: www.themodernpantry.co.uk

Breakfast for coeliacs is always rather limited, given that most dishes are served on toast or feature waffles, pancakes and baked goods. However The Modern Pantry does the obvious thing. They just offer gluten free toast. I don’t understand why more establishments haven’t cottoned onto this?

Anyway, the owner and chef Anna Hansen, an ambassador for Coeliac Uk’s awareness week ensures there are always options…. and it was a real treat to have so much choice when you just swap in gluten free toast.

The menu is a stunning collection of modern breakfast / brunch dishes. Wine poached tamarillo and yoghurt, rose infused fruit salad and a hearty collection of egg dishes -boiled with soldiers, candied prawn omelette or perfectly poached and served with chorizo, fried plantain and intense roast tomatoes (with GF toasts as I had). This is no ordinary breakfast…. especially when served with fragrant passionfruit, banana, orange and honey smoothie and the most perfect flat white I have been served in a long time.

And it was also the most memorable breakfast for a while. Actually since I last ate at Providores (where Anna spent four years).  Another great place for gluten free breakfast!

The setting is bright and modern. The service tip top and they welcomed my two year old warmly, accommodating him with a high chair and my gluten free requests without batting an eyelid. You do need to book – even for breakfast – but its well worth it. Especially as the option of gluten free bread opens out so much of the menu.

I hope more places cotton on and do the same too.