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Walnut-Brownie-Mix-150x225Everyone loves a chocolate brownie, right? But sometimes, it seems, coeliacs can get a little tired of being offered one that is “gluten free!!!”. Available across most coffee shops and chain restaurants these days, gluten free consumers as a result have gotten rather discerning about what makes a good brownie (check out my twitter feed @mcgowankim to see ALL the debate). Myself included. So when Amanda from Hill Cottage Bakery approached me about her gluten and dairy free brownie mixes, I warned her: I am very fussy about brownies, can actually make a mean one at home (courtesy or Nigel Slater) and am looking for super clean ingredients.

Well the lady delivered. Literally. Hence why I am sharing it with you here. I would never normally buy a cake mix, let alone a brownie mix! But I have to say I was charmed by these. High quality ingredients that you would use at home such as unrefined sugar and 70% chocolate, in attractive packaging, completed by a sheet of greaseproof paper for the bottom of your try. Initially I sniffed at this “how incompetent are people?”. But this turned out to be very useful, saving me faffing about, getting it not quite right. What it also means is that you have everything bar 2 eggs, oil, the tin and the oven.

Mix wet with dry, bake at 150 and leave it in the tin to cool. Voila! Perfect brownies. Honestly. As good as what I would serve at home. Dense, fudgey, rich, not too sweet. But, the reason for sharing these with you here is how quick they were to make, compared to doing it yourself. I literally made mine as I was serving dinner. So if you truly need an emergency baked good in the cupboard, I would use this. Especially since most people normally have a couple of eggs and some oil in the house too.


We had walnut brownies, but the range includes other flavours and a carrot cake. Available online at http://www.hillcottagebakery.co.uk/ they cost £7 for 9 squares of cake. But I think given the cost of bought GF cakes (at least £2.50 each!) and the quality of ingredients here, it is a  fair price for an artisan produced treat. Plus if you are ever at a National Trust Property, you can sample them in their cafe.