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SweetLife-in-Paris-CoverThis is a new category for me – websites. And I have a confession: This one isn’t even gluten free. However, the author David of DavidLebovitz.com is super gluten free friendly. In fact he even posted about gluten free baking just last week, which prompted me to share this incredible resource with you.

A professional cook and baker in California most of his life, David is now Living the Sweet Life in Paris (to quote just one of his titles), baking and writing beautiful sweet toothed books. The fact that his style uses “basic, honest ingredients” makes him massively accessible to the coeliac cook. Never claiming to be a gluten free baking expert, he shares specific resources via his network of gluten free blogging Stateside friends, such as GlutenFreeGirl.

Given the nature of David’s work, most posts are about cakes and puds, however there is a great diversity of subject, including savoury recipes, coffee shops, general cooking know how, plus the food and drink world of Paris, and all the other parts of the world he travels.  The whole website is full of gluten free treasures to discover. Some of my favourite posts include:

A whole section on Paris, including ettiqutte!

The BEST granola recipe (converted using gluten free oats)

A whole section on gluten free eating in Paris

A post about Gluten Free Patisserie Helmut Newcake

An amazing chocolate cake with prunes (naturally gluten free)

Cute little Baci di Dama Cookies

A go to snack in our house of Fruitcake Bars

Packed with lovely stories about producers, products or travels coupled with his own delicious photography, I urge you to get lost in his world. Its informative, passionate and truly gluten free friendly and perfect for researching that cheeky little trip to Paris.