My career has always involved working in the food industry in some shape or form, initially as a product developer for food manufacturers and retailers (see my story here). Creating new products and tweaking existing ones involved a lot of tasting, evaluating and structured comparisons. This set of skills – or habit? – I have been unable to leave behind, like the jobs.

As anyone who has gone gluten free will no doubt agree, the shock of how free from products compare to their equivalents is something you learn to live with. And the products have improved immensely, even in the relative short time I have been coeliac. But there is always room for improvement. So in this new series of taste tests I will independently, dissect, examine and review objectively ranges of widely available gluten free products. Side by side, each product will be compared directly to its competitors for taste, quality, cost and value for money. Posting the results here I hope to open up a debate / dialogue about the quality, ingredients and cost of free from products and see whether you agree with my verdict.

The first in the series is seasonal treat The Mince Pie…. Who’s are best? Do you agree? Do you even bother to buy them?