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Author: Dan Lepard

Category: Baking book

Rating: ImageImageImageImage

% Gluten Free Recipes: About 20% plus the naturally GF ones

Adaptability: Many recipes only contain 100g of flour or so, lending themselves to adapting

Worth buying:  A must for any baker

ImageThe bible of home baking from Dan Lepard covering bread, cakes, biscuits, desserts and everything baked in-between is surprisingly gluten free friendly. Demystifying the technique behind every conceivable baked good, packed with tips, and a variety of classic and new recipes, this book is every bakers delight. And it’s not the tortuous read for coeliacs that you might expect. I can’t tell you how pleased I was to see a handful of dedicated gluten free recipes alongside many naturally gluten free or adaptable ones. Enough for me to warrant buying the book, that’s for sure.

The gluten free white bread is a straightforward, yeasted bread that performs, complimented by a couple of interesting cornbreads. Dan provides both sweet and savoury gluten free short crust pastry recipes making tart and pies in the book totally accessible – which is good as the lemon tart is a to die for classic. Plus the sugar chapter is safe for coeliacs since its packed with fudges, sweets, icings and ice cream. All naturally free from gluten.

I loved the simple instructions and inclusion of unusual methods – chocolate and almond fudge cake was fun to make.  But overall, the inclusion of gluten free base recipes makes this one very useful book that isn’t stuffed with obvious almond-y cakes and flourless chocolate brownies. I am excited to attack the pies for a savoury change and the quinoa hazelnut cake is an interesting use of the ancient grains form.

Thank you Dan for being so inclusive in your baking, including this much used edition of the Guardian Saturday column.