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IMG_3903Wow, we really are spoilt these days. So many brands finally realising that we are worth creating gluten free alternatives more. Especially if they landmark quality companies such as Walkers – the legendary shortbread family bakers.

So they have launched three products in their range of certified, gluten free shortbread biscuits – original, lemon & ginger and chocolate chip. Sticking with their tradition of quality ingredients, these free from alternatives contain just flour, xanthan gum, butter, sugar and salt. Just like it would if you made shortbread at home. Naturally gluten free and how I like it.

Now I only review really good products on this site. I try A LOT of gluten free products, new and old. But I will only take the (limited child free) time I have to put things I think you should buy on here. Well these biscuits, literally melt in the mouth. They do not shatter, crumble to dust, or remotely disappoint. A really lovely shortbread with all the tradition and none of the gluten. I had thought that these would last maybe until Christmas – ha! As if.

Available online from Walkers at the moment, I hope they soon make way into the mainstream as these are truly excellent products that all gluten free people should have access to.