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Much cynicism exists about the wellness revolution, of which Ella is at the forefront. But as I have said before, I am all about increased exposure and benefits for anything gluten free. And this book celebrates alternative grains, nuts, seeds and veggies to replace the glutenous wheat, barley and rye in a positive, inventive and deliciously healthy style.

Bringing a Californian health vibe, with sunny food shots and green juices, at its heart this book helps you to improve your nutrition with extremely easy recipes. Ella until a couple of years ago literally did not cook, and has taught herself how to heal herself with nutrition. A single bread recipe, a couple of curries and stews… there is nothing beyond even the most skill-less cook. I liked the realistic recipes, knowing that no-one languishes for hours making meals, so a food processor or mini chopper will come in handy.


Packed with information about the nutrient dense ingredients, there are ways to pack flavour into more unfamiliar ingredients such as quinoa, buckwheat, chia seeds and how to unlock the nutrients in them.

Intrigued by the current craze for raw food, I can’t wait to try the Key Lime Pie, see if the kids notice something amiss with the Avocado Mousse, and experiment with the hummus varieties – of which Ella is a self confessed addict. Having tried the Berry Scones, Almond and Chia Energy Bites and Chickpea flour wraps (like socca) I think this could be a great book for reminding me of ways to improve the quality of my gluten free ingredients, and meals, whilst introducing some real variety to every day cooking, packed with nutrition.