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IMG_5857When I daydreamed of setting up GF Gathering, one of the events that was top of my list was a GF Beer Tasting. I knew it had never been covered in the public domain, but when I met Sue Cane – GF Beer Expert and fellow judge at the Free From Food Awards, I knew I had to get the gluten free community access to this massively knowledgeable lady.

Sue is passionate about gluten free beer – which may seem odd to some – given its less than palatable reputation. But she was an early adopter and as a result knows A LOT about the subject area. And her passion is infectious. It is people like Sue, real experts in the GF food world, that I aim to bring to the general gluten avoiding public.

Come and meet Sue on Wednesday 13th May and discover this massively evolving, growing and developing area of the free from food industry, that many people have written off. I assure you, you will be surprised, taste some fantastic product (believe me I have had a small preview), learn a bit about GF beer and as ever meet lovely GF people and eat awesome GF food.

Buy your tickets now at Edible Experiences – goo.gl/UQpQur

And now let me introduce a short Q&A with Sue @GFBeerExpert:

ME: Tell me a bit about yourself?

SUE: I’m a coeliac who ran my first GF beer tasting in about 2008 when there were only 5 beers around (and most of those were undrinkable.)

ME: Why are you called GF Beer Expert? 

It was an accident. I was describing myself to a food writer and it sort of stuck.

ME: Why have you got involved in this GF Beer Event? What do you hope to achieve?

SUE: I got involved because I love drinking beer and learning more about it. It’s still a joy to me to be able to enjoy a beer again, rather than have to drink cider or wine. GF beer’s still quite hard to find, and buying a case of something you might not like is a bit daunting. Blind tasting is a really good way of finding out which beers you like and you’ll often be surprised to discover what they are. It’s good fun and sociable, and makes for a great evening.

ME: So many people don’t drink / like GF Beer. What might change their mind?

SUE: GF beer’s no different from ordinary beer anymore. There’s a huge range out there. All you need to do is close your eyes and try some. You’re bound to find one you like. Learning lots about beer along the way and discovering some taste sensations you didn’t know about may change peoples mind.

ME: How have you seen the industry change over your time as a GF Beer Expert? 

SUE: The industry’s changed so much since I first cried into my first glass of GF beer. Then it was medicinal and undrinkable. Now GF beer’s on a par with the best beer anywhere. What I love at the moment is the range that’s becoming available. It’s increasing almost every day. There’s a choice of all types and styles, something to suit everyone.

ME: What’s your favourite snack to accompany your favourite GF Beer?

All the bad things! Anything greasy and salty! I love crisps, cheese –  that sort of thing. But beer actually goes with a much wider variety of food than wine. The yeast, hops and malt in beer give it a range of flavour that means you can pair it with a huge variety of food with it from the lightest, most delicate dishes to highly spiced food – and even chocolate.