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A cafe dedicated to dessert is my kind of place. Especially when they are gluten free. But I am not talking about a token chocolate brownie or meringue. Chateau Dessert in Chiswick, West London had a whole counter full.


Based on the Chiswick High Road, in leafy West London, this corner patisserie cafe is light filled with full height glass windows on either side, and teacup installations dangling the cakes for display. It feels like a little slice of Paris in London. Walking in you face elegant glass topped counters displaying light, pretty cakes and tarts all begging to be bought.

Expecting to be offered one or two sweet treats, when asking about what gluten free patisserie they have, the lady spreads her arms open wide and says “all this!” gesturing to the whole glass topped unit. What a treat! Not only a choice, but a whole section that I would never have guessed was all gluten free.

IMG_8867 IMG_8868

A wide selection of colourful layered slices, delicate little domed cakes, thin crusted pastry tarts, pastel shaded macarons and rich looking chocolate cakes.. It was in fact rather tricky trying to choose just a couple. Interesting flavours tempted me even further such as pistachio, pomegranate alongside French classics such as tarte au citron. A Strawberry tart with a thick layer of creme patisserie was held in crisp, thin pastry. A milk chocolate and pistachio layered sponge was rich and flavours, and both of them divine treats.

IMG_8871 IMG_8874Lunch options are also available served with side salads in the cafe. All the savoury tarts are gluten free as standard and are packed with rich fillings. The feta and roasted tomato one we tried was full of cheese, and the pastry was perfect. This quiche was without compromise.

With space to eat out in the sun watching the world go by, and seating inside this patisserie cafe is a wonderful addition to the gluten free cafes in London. Unique, uncompromising, and lots and lots of choice, I will be sure to make a special trip all the way from South East London to get my fill of French fancies.

Chateau Dessert, 213 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 2DW http://www.chateaudessert.com/