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Branching out to the seaside this time, Caroline Oldham, Founder of Biteappy, the world wide search app for people with food sensitivies has kindly shared her top places to eat gluten free in Brighton, Sussex.


Brighton is a great place to visit either summer or winter, take a wonderful walk along the beach, head to the pier have fun in the arcades and enjoy what it has to offer, which is fun, fun and more fun! Plus we also have a lot to offer in terms of gluten free, some well known and some hidden away and I am here to reveal all…

Where to get breakfast

latterV and H Café is a cafe located up from the sea front in the Hove area of Brighton, this lovely café is run by Harry and Verity who are so passionate about offering food to all types of diets such as gluten free, dairy free and vegan. They have an array of sandwiches, cakes and salads, which are gluten free and they rely on good quality ingredients from local sources. Their almond milk lattes are delicious!

Where to go for lunch?

quionaEat Naked is located in the East Arcade in the Lanes and is a great place to head for lunch! You will need to get down there in good time as they sell out quite quickly but they do wonderful courgetti and quinoa salads, they also have wonderful smoothies and desserts!



Where to get a Burger?

BURGERCoggings & Co is a relatively new burger restaurant located on dyke road outside the main city, when they launched we heard a lot of hype about their gluten free burgers, they also source there ingredients locally. The best thing is they don’t charge you for you gluten free bun either which lots of restaurants do these days and they are we have to say delicious. Buns are made by World Bread Awards winners Sussex Bread Company.

Where to go get a posh dinner?

poshTerre a Terrre, A very well known 100% vegetarian restaurant in the centre of Brighton which has all the gluten free options labeled. All their dishes are so inventive and unique it is a real experience to go and try their food and experience flavors that you would never think f putting together. This is quite pricey so I recommend going for a special treat and they are always very busy so you will need to make a reservation.


Where to get a sweet treat?

crepeThe Creperie is a great place located really near the pier, so if all your friends want a sweet teat and you are worried about missing out then you don’t need too. They have wonderful gluten free galettes that you can have savoury or sweet depending on your mood.



Where to get a Takeaway?

teriyakiIf you are staying in Brighton for the weekend and have a heavy night we urge you to head to Su No So, located near the train station is this Japanese takeaway, they do an array of sushi as well as teriyaki chicken with gluten free sauce! A novelty I know! I always ask for extra sauce but I think that is because I am northern!



Where to get Fish and Chips?
image2Want gluten free fish and chips and want to have it whenever you like not just specific days then head down to Wolfies of Hove. The owner is lovely and friendly and knows exactly what is expected when it comes to coeliac friendly food. They have a dedicated work surface and fryer at the back for gluten free and not only do they have gluten free fish and chips but they also have frankfurters too. The food is totally delicious the batter is light and crunchy using locally sourced ingredients. Perfect to have by the sea too!