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timberhill2The Norfolk Gluten Free Shop has moved and is now The Gluten Free Shop and Cafe! It can now be found in the heart of the city centre of Norwich, just round the corner from John Lewis in a listed building in quaint Timber Hill, and it now has a dedicated gluten free cafe too.

A neat, three storey building now gives the owners Louisa and her husband the space to grow their dedicated new business. Remaining a completely gluten free site, the cafe now serves many of the fantastic products stocked in the shop upstairs on the first floor, alongside locally sourced teas and coffees, gluten free cakes from local bakers and a wide ranging menu featuring pies, toasted bagels with poached eggs, a wide range of filled sandwiches and rolls and some freshly baked cheesy dough balls with dips.

In the shop upstairs, I discovered a host of new products from small, artisan makers including proper (GF) pickled onions, a homemade granola made by and featuring the honey from local apiarist, and Sheringtons crispie bar which is a raw dessert company, but actually very good. Add to this new modern cakes from local company Sugar Buttons Creative – stunning decorative and flavour packed whole cakes, made gluten free, allergen free cakes from Pippa Kendrick and many dairy free, nut free and even sugar free options.

Louisa has yet again, in the face of adversity created a haven of gluten free food, now increasingly supporting customers with other allergies and sensitivities in the free from world. Tirelessly searching and supporting other small free from food companies, she continues to champion the best food she can find.. and now you can have a taste of it in the cafe too, before you no doubt load the basket full!

NOTE: they don’t charge for plastic bags, but instead ask for a donation to the Norwich and Norfolk Coeliac Group – cute!