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IMG_1352Gluten free fried chicken seems too good to be true. Especially when it hasn’t even been engineered to be free from wheat, barley or rye in the first place. But gluten free it is – naturally gluten free flours bringing their unique properties together to creating the perfect coating for BIRDs free range and fried British chicken.

I first discovered BIRD a couple of years ago through the gluten free grapevine, and was so excited by the menu and the place that I held one of my Gluten Free Gatherings there. I have been back a few times since, trekking South to East London, but was recently invited to try their menu at the new Camden location.

Keeping the signature orange and chicken styling, this branch is a just up from the gluten free friendly Camden Market, bringing yet another gluten free option to this free from haven. The menu, thankfully is still the same, focused on the crisp chicken pieces and their punchy world inspired sauces. There was much transparency with the menu, although sadly the lack of a gf bun means the whole chicken burger / waffle option is a no go. This is in no way a compromise given the chicken, corn pudding, slaws, most sauces, wings, salads and ice cream sundaes are all gluten free.

What was it like? Finger Lickin’ Good – to use the fried chicken legends saying… The coating keeps both the white and dark pieces so tender, and I love them drenched with the honey ginger glaze. Sadly the chips are not currently gluten free as they are fried with the pickles, which have a tempura batter, therefore contaminating the oil, but having raised this with the owner, I hope they rectify this soon…

But seriously, the free range, fried chicken is the calling here isn’t it? When did you last have such a thing….?