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gf secretsThis book is born out of the love of 2 mothers; Lone Bendsten and Annette Harbech Olesen who each had children who developed issues with consuming gluten. Nothing sparks motivation more than mothers trying to find a solution for their children, and in this case it was to create family dishes and very good gluten free products.

As their names suggest, these two are from Denmark, and the recipes in Gluten Free Secrets  reflect the traditional Scandinavian tastes and style of baking. With liquorice cookies, dark seedy ‘rye’ breads and raspberry linzer sandwiches, it brings a real diversity  with a scandi flavour, which is quite refreshing. Focused on really healthy meals and GF replacements, each recipe is packed with natural, whole ingredients, seeds, and vegetables and breads use psyllium husks as a natural binder. This means that most of the recipes for loaves and rolls are egg free and often flax seed replacements can be used in other recipes too.

Having tried the gluten free seed crackers, and dark seed bread, the overwhelming essence of this book is ease. A few ingredients, held together with natural ingredients, whilst denser that your slices white supermarket loaf impersonation, are by far tastier and better for you. There are definitely some welcome addition to my repertoire, if not only for the speed at which I can knock up some rolls with 2 small boys under my feet.