About This Site

Here at Naturally Gluten Free I’ll be sharing reviews of cafes and restaurants, cook books and products and conducting taste tests too. There may be the odd recipe (but I’ll mainly leave that to the experts out there), or info about great markets… but everything will be a personal recommendation. Here’s a bit about how I intend to approach each area:

Eating out reviews:

For an establishment to be reviewed on this site, it will need to cater to a gluten free diet with competence and instill confidence in me as a customer. The staff will need to reinforce that confidence. It will need to use well sourced ingredients, British, local, seasonal and artisan where possible.  I will always have visited the restaurant personally and if reservations are made then have warned them about my dietary requirements. To make it on here, it has to be a place that I would be happy to recommend to my best foodie friend.

Cookbook Reviews:

Reviews will feature both specialist diet and ‘normal’ cookbooks and each one will have a gluten free recipe count. I will always have cooked a couple of recipes from the book and will give an honest account of my experience. I will rate it for how easy gluten containing recipes are to adapt.

Places to shop:

Any shop, market, stall or producer featured here will stock an interesting range of ingredients or unusual products. I may also include obviously gluten free products or retailers of particular interest where mostly gluten free goods are available such as farmers markets (they are a major passion of mine!).

Taste Tests:

Each taste test will cover a specific product and will try to include widely available lines. At every tasting there will be a representative ‘gluten consumer’ to give a true comparison to the glutenous equivalent, and I will always ask if they would eat it. Each product will be reviewed for its number and type of ingredients and be tasted blind for taste, texture, aroma and appearance. Their price will be compared to the gluten containing equivalent and value for money will be considered. I will say whether I think it is worth buying since many products are pretty pricey.

Other stuff:

Now and again I know that I’ll want to share with you some awesome find. Blogs, websites, food fairs and maybe the odd recipe. With more and more people talking about gluten free stuff, it would be stupid of me not to share it with you!

1 thought on “About This Site”

  1. Hi Kim,

    I am writing to you from Miss Macaroon, a social enterprise company that supports marginalised young people and improves their employability skills with the production of French macaroons. Our macaroons are 100% gluten free and made with almond flour.

    We love you gluten-free blog and are writing a series of gluten-free blog posts. It would be fantastic if you could possibly feature us, or have us as a guest blogger, or possibly review some of our products.
    Please get in touch and we can discuss this further, my email is natalie.naik@live.co.uk or you can contact rosie@missmacaroon.co.uk

    Best regards,

    Natalie Naik
    Miss Macaroon.

    Tw: @IamMissMacaroon
    FB: MissMacaroonCIC
    Miss Macaroon C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company helping young Care Leavers and ex-offenders to gain training and employment through the hand baking of French macaroons.

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